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For over 50 years, our hospitals in Dhaka and Matlab have been specialising in the treatment of diarrhoeal diseases.

icddr,b uses the knowledge gained from years of caring for the sick to train medical teams who are tackling disease outbreaks at icddr,b hospitals.

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Our hospitals cost
USD 5,000,000 per year

Without icddr,b’s expert care many would die from severe dehydration, cholera and other diarrhoeal diseases.

Please help us to continue saving lives by donating to our $5 million appeal for the hospitals.

Your donation will enable us to provide medical care and expertise to people whose living environment results in illnesses long since conquered in the developed world.

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Partnering with icddr,b is more than just supporting a worth while cause.

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Did you know that you can avail tax rebate just by donating to icddr,b?

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