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Q- Why are we raising funds for icddr,b Hospital?

A- A- Over the years, the Dhaka Hospital has relied on the contributions from corporations and individuals to cover a portion of these costs. This is used to pay our medical staff, life-saving medications and treatments, and facility maintenance. The Bangladesh Government, SIDA, DFID UK and GAC have been supporting icddr,b’s efforts since long as the main core donors. Nonetheless treating patients on a daily basis puts considerable strain on our resources. It is money which is increasingly difficult to recover from our research projects.

Q- What are we raising the funds for?

A- We incur operating costs amounting to nearly five million USD annually for our:

  • in- and outpatient wards
  • intensive care unit and
  • unique in Bangladesh – the Nutrition Rehabilitation Unit (NRU).

Q- Why donate to icddr,b?

A- We urgently need donations to provide all year round facilities but particularly during the pre and post monsoon season (March/April and August/ September) when we can admit more than 1,000 patients each day. During this time we need:

  • new cholera cots
  • additional intravenous fluid, oral rehydration solution, zinc supplements, rice saline and antibiotics
  • more doctors, nurses, health workers and other auxiliary staff to manage the seasonal peaks which affect the most vulnerable in urban and rural Bangladesh.

Q- How can I donate?

A- Your gift will not only save lives immediately, but the innovations and discoveries we make during patients’ treatment will go on keeping people alive. There are many ways to make your gift. You can donate as an individual or as a business.

Q- Why should I donate to icddr,b hospital?

A- Your donation will save lives of patients who would normally not have access to this level of care and treatment You can also avail tax rebate by donating to icddr,b. Click here for more information.

Q- Whom do I contact if I have a question or problem making an online donation?

A- Please direct questions to socialmedia@icddrb.org

Q- Will icddr,b trade my personal information?

A- No. We do not share or use any information collected on our website.

Q- Can I make a recurring online donation?

A- Yes, on our donations web page, you can schedule a monthly or yearly gift to icddr,b Dhaka hospital In fact, we encourage it!

Q- How do I cancel my recurring online donation?

A- Please direct questions to socialmedia@icddrb.org.

Q- How important are private donors to icddr,b Hospitals?

A- As an independent organisation that relies solely on our donors for funding, your support is absolutely crucial to icddr,b Hospitals’ ability to provide medical assistance to hundreds and thousands of people of Bangladesh.

Q- Who audits your books / who are your auditors?

A- Our Annual Auditor is ACNABIN Chartered Accountants, an independent member of Baker Tilly International, 8th largest network in the world with 145 independent member firms in 110 countries. Apart from ACNABIN, we have several other auditors for different projects as specific as per requirement of donors.

Q- Will I get Tax rebate on my donation?

A- Yes, you can get Tax rebate on your donations.

Q- Where can we receive donation from?

A- We welcome donation from individuals, philanthropist and also corporate clients.

Q- How can I be sure that my donation will be managed and used efficiently?

A- At icddr,b we ensure strong financial oversight. We have been qualified as a Low risk Auditee that signifies very strong internal control. Donations received through the appeal fund will be safeguarded by our Finance team who will support Hospital management to ensure expenses are accountable to provide accountability to an individual who is donating. The hospital management is the main responsible authority who works along with Finance team to analyze, propose and prepare budgets on hospital expenses for a year. We have regular visits from distinguished national and international visitors for the hospital. If requested, we can also arrange hospital visits for our potential donors too.

Q- Can I donate from my Zakat fund?

A- Yes you can. We welcome Zakat donations at any time. We recognize that our work is a wonderful opportunity to provide life saving treatment to some of Bangladesh’s most vulnerable people We hope as well that during the month of Ramadhan you will be able to support us. Your support will ensure treatment to the community who earns less than 5$ per day.

Q- Can I visit the hospital?

A- Yes you can, Please contact us socialmedia@icddrb.org for scheduling an appointment accordingly.